About Us

Restore your body and mind at Anda Cove Beach Retreat, with its private white sand beach and secluded location. In a world that is getting busier and busier, Anda Cove Beach Retreat is a breath of fresh air. A truly spiritual place, you’ll know what we mean when you feel the breeze from the mountains and the sea. Step outside your private balcony room to powdery-white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning sea views. Anda Cove is situated near the mystical town of Anda, Bohol, famous for Lamanok Island with its ancient burial sites. One of the best locations anywhere….

You may delight in the warmth of what is known as the Boholanos hospitality in a setting amidst a garden of lush tropical flora and fauna, and a coral reef teeming with life just a few meters from the shoreline.


Listen to the peaceful rhythms of the shoreline outside your balcony.  A beautifully spiritual and tranquil location, you will lose yourself completely here.  At Anda’s Kitchen the cuisine, prepared with fresh seafood from local waters and fruits and vegetables, grown on local farms, is a culinary delight.  The paradise of Anda Cove offers a cultural experience where you will be embraced as family by our gentle, engaging, hosts.

All our rooms have private balconies and terraces, featuring stunning views of the sea and gardens. All the rooms include daily maid service.

Anda’s Kitchen serves a mouth-watering range of traditional, Western and Asian cuisine which will suit many palates. You may choose to dine in our main dining area, on our beachfront deck or even under the stars.

Activities are plentiful, ranging from serene relaxation in your tropical paradise, to adventure in the local caves and walks. Explore the island’s fantastic sites, famed Chocolate Hills, Island hopping to the extinct volcano island of Camiguin. Or tour the unspoiled surrounding islands for snorkeling, scuba and kayaking, among the best in the Philippines.

We provide 24 hour reception and security guard service to our guests, both at the sea side and at the main entrance.

The Story of Anda

There are many legends around Anda. One caught our imagination. This is it: 

Anda was a beautiful Filipina, the daughter of the Fujian pirate Fu An Jin . He found her in a battle at a young age and adapted her. She didn’t know her father nor her mother. She grew up with her father on the ship in the midst of fierce battles, betrayals, assassinations and such. Yet she remained a good-natured, lovable girl. She was endowed with extreme beauty, which she wore with grace and serenity. One day Fu got mixed up with the Chinese imperial navy and got killed, leaving Anda parentless. She was 18 years of age and by then a born leader. She didn’t much like her father’s profession of robbing the coastal people of the low lands, instead, being good-natured, she was to embark on the noble task of protecting the same people from capricious landlords and getting donations from the same people her father has been warring on. 

After her father’s death, she became a member of the pirates’ alliance and right at the first meeting she proposed her plan; get the support of the coastal people against their rulers and get paid in produce, food, minerals, etc. which she would convert to gold. 

It was a good plan to make “clean” money and earn a good reputation. The pirates liked the plan and proceeded to organize and implement it, of course, with Anda’s leadership. But the constant threat to their rule eventually challenged the rulers into action against the alliance. The landlords amassed an army of ships, 16 in all, hired the best captains and warriors money could buy and set out to “clean” the waters from Anda’s pirates. The scene was set for a show down. 

Anda chose a small shallow cove on the island of Bohol to prepare for the battle. With her pirates she hatched a pirate plan. She marshaled the pirate’s ships into two battle groups. Recognizing that they were out classed and out gunned, the plan was built on speed. They gathered their ships in two groups: one was the main group with some firepower, the other, the bait, feigning defeat. The pirates’ ships were fast but small with little fire power, they relied on manpower to do their work, so Anda gave instructions to dismount all the cannons and placed them onto the two rocky embankments of the cove, on both sides of the cove, creating a cross firing line toward the sea. 

The battle began with the landlord’s armada rounding up group-one of the pirates. Since the armada consisted mainly of paid mercenaries they didn’t know exactly the strength of the pirates, didn’t know that they had two groups of ships. So they pursued the small group thinking that it was the full enemy. The pirates were always careful during the chase to stay out of the firing line of the armada. The chase led directly to the cove where Anda’s cannon were placed. The armada couldn’t catch the pirates because their ships we smaller and faster than the armada’s and the pirates could navigate better in the shallow sea. 

The chase ended at the cove, some armada ships got beached and burned on the reef, some were shot to pieces in the crossfire that ensued, and some turned back and gave up. In any case, the pirate were victorious over the armada and the landlords. The news spread like wild fire Anda became a hero of the downtrodden. 

After the victory, Anda, new that this fight was just the beginning, that the landlord will find a way to break the pirates. She led the pirates to take up meaningful professions. Distributed the wealth they gathered from protection money. Some became farmers, some fishermen, some merchant and other professions. They founded Anda and named it that. The cove where t he armada was defeated is now called Anda Cove. 

Anda, the retired pirate, married a farmer boy. She had many children whose decendents now populate Anda. They are fishermen, merchants, government employees, professionals and such. They inhabit Anda. You can tell from the smiles.